Repair of ships

We provide the following services for ship repair:

  • fault detection of ship hulls and hull structures (ultrasonic thickness) with the issue of optimal technological solutions, working sketches and Report (CB-recognition in RMRS);
  • Development of technical documentation for the welding, cladding, coating critical structures and components of high-alloy materials with the accompaniment of manufacture;
  • repair, installation and testing of ship hulls and hull structures of ships;
  • repair, installation and testing of piping and heat exchangers;
  • repair, installation and testing of bottom-seawater valves;
  • repair and adjustment of automation systems and electrical equipment;
  • repair and adjustment of radio navigation equipment;
  • repair and adjustment of rudder complex;
  • repair, adjustment and testing of hydraulic systems, rudder;
  • repair and adjustment of main and auxiliary machinery;
  • repair and adjustment of distance - Automatic Control, "DAM" ship power plant;
  • repair and adjustment of the anchor, mooring, cargo and equipment in trap;
  • repair of refrigeration and marine refrigeration systems;
  • Calibration and repair of measuring equipment instrumentation;
  • that all electrical work;
  • a wide range of engineering developments, including the modernization of vessels;
  • conduct assessments and insurance of export examination of ships, floating docks;
  • technical management, the organization of the classification of work;
  • exercise technical supervision of containers, container repairs and certification;
  • carry out any consultation regarding the repair of ships.

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