need 8 small size coaster vessel. Built in 2002-2009. Direct Contact

Please be informed that one of my client are looking 8 nos small size coaster vessel, min details as below.Shall appreciate if could send me availability with minimum price all inclusive.
For your kind information the lighter vessels are intended to run within coastal sea area /inland water ways of Bangladesh.
Dead weight:1500-1700 mt.
Hold: 2-3 nos max.
Hatch cover:folding or wire pulling Macggregor type.
Year built:max 5-8 years old.
Hull plate:with acceptable thickness and corrosion free.
Main engine:diesel, 4 stroke, runs on d.O/m.G.O only.
Sea speed: min 10-12 kts with max 2-3mt d.O/m.G.O only.
Nav aids:gps, mag compass, vhf, one radar,
steering:preferable electro hydraulic piston type.
A/e:preferable 2 set yanmar,
pumps:as usual sea water cooling p/p, e/r & cargo hold bilge pump, fire pump etc.
Tanks:4 dbt(p+s).I.E:2 dbt, one f.W tank abt 30-50 mt.
Mooring winch:after part one capstan, fwd end with one set windlass as usual.
Build year2002-2009

Please don't hesitate to contact us any time if any interest

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