Austal have acquired Nov-2011 a shipyard in the Philippines. Direct Contact

Austal have acquired Nov-2011 a shipyard in the Philippines. as part of its strategy to regionalise its manufacturing base for commercial vessels.

The acquisition of the former FBMA Marine shipyard enables Austal to establish shipbuilding operations at the West Cebu Industrial Park at Balamban, in the province of Cebu.

Austal plans to commence vessel construction in the first quarter of 2012, dependent on orders, and expects to employ about 30 workers during the start-up phase. Future workforce growth is expected in line with market demand, and the site allows for efficient expansion of the facility when future operational and market conditions require.

Austal PSO Floating dock / Barge Enquire.

We are currently working on the launch plan for Austal 80m vessel Hull 201 which will be built out of the Austal Philippines Shipyard Operations (PSO), with that seek either new or used floating dock and or barge (refer more below).

This vessel design will not go down our slipway without substantial structural modification. Consequently we are planning to launch the vessel via a floating dock. However we are finding that the availability of floating docks and barges to hire is very limited and purchasing costs are very high – I would welcome your expirte comments and knowledge.

Your assistance in helping me with some budget prices and availability would be appreciated – I don’t need full blown quotes, ROM pricing and dates will be OK for now.

The four (4) options that we are considering are;

1) Purchase (new or used) of a floating dock.

2) Hire of a floating dock – period TBC at time of order…

3) Purchase (new or used) of a barge that can be subsequently modified.

4) Hire a barge with ballast control, that can take our vessel to the dry dock situated at a neighbouring ship yard in Cebu, Philippines

The vessel specifications of Hull 201 are as follows;

· LOA = 80.1m

· Beam max = 17.4m

· Depth max = 3.1m

· Light Load = 604 tonnes

General Dry Dock Specifications (but open to options)

· Lo-lift discharge pumps working at 440v

· Wafer flood valves and discharge valves

· 440v power to dock with 220 step-down transformers

· 350kva generator to power dry dock.

· Longitudinal and transverse level gauges

· One single person operation control house

· Electric Winches for Mooring i.e between 20 ton to 25 ton.

The launch date for the vessel is July 2013.

Location: Balamban, Cebu, Philippines

The full requisition has not yet been issued, therefore I hope you can work with what is available above.

Your interest/response on or before Friday, 13th April 2012 and cooperation in assisting Austal PSO will be highly appreciated & please confirm your receipt of this e-mail by return.

Please don't hesitate to contact us any time if any interest

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