we are looking to purchase small ship. Region: Black Sea. Direct Contact

Please note we are looking to purchase small ship with following requirements:
Mandatory requirements:
- one hold (or two but separated by bulkhead only).
- hold’s length not less than 28-30m (or 2 x 14-15m).
- ship’s l.o.a. not more than 60-65m.
- b.o.a. is about 10-12m.
- hold’s height to be not less then 5,5m.
- class to be valid at least 1-1,5 years.
- russian register or other iacs member.
- inspection/delivery at marmara/black sea.
Desired parameters:
- well maneuverable ship, with two main engines or with bow thruster.
- sea-type.
- inspection/delivery at one of Russian or Ukrainian ports.
- Russian flag.
In vessel’s hold some additional equipment will be installed and she will be employed for intra-port hydro technical works.
Pleased to hear from you possible candidates.
Length overall (LOA), m55-65
Beam, m10

Please don't hesitate to contact us any time if any interest

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