Relevant to id3272 (1984, abt.23600 DWT, L/B:160/24.44m)


Vessels for sale.

DWT L/B/D draft Region
id1111 Bulker ship 1980 abt.27200 170/0/0 9.8 Bulk carrier
id1653 1982 abt.17500 147/22.8/12.2 9.02 Bulk carrier
id1646 lakes fitted bulk carier 1981 abt.30500 188.2/23.1/0 10.64 Bulk carrier
id1597 lakes fitted bulk carier 1984 abt.27700 178/23/0 10.5 Bulk carrier
id1491 Bulker for sale 1975 abt.26700 /0/0 0 Bulk carrier
id1301 EXCELLENT CONDITION BC FOR SALE 1985 abt.27300 165/27/13 9.5 Bulk carrier
id1910 General Cargo 1982 abt.23700 160.37/24.63/3 9.94 Bulk carrier
id2607 1990 abt.16800 158.76/22.85/13.4 10.144 Bulk carrier
id3272 Bulk carrier 1984 abt.23600 160/24.44/13.62 9.93 Bulk carrier
id3292 Bulk carrier 1981 abt.21000 191.29/22.86/0 9.494 Bulk carrier
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