List of free capacities for loading

List of free capacities for loading.
Asb TBN(1).

Pol:dalian + shanghai.

Pod: chittagong+chennai+vizag/gangavara & e india.

Laycan:1-10/may 2012.

Mv asb TBN(2).

4ho/34ha, twn decker, LOA/bm/dm 141.9/22.0/15.5mgrain/bale 23,110cbm/21,346cbm,deck crane 50 mt "ada".

Pol: shanghai+tianjin.

Pod: haldia & kolkata e india.


Mv asb TBN (3).

L/port: tianjin +shanghai.

D/port: mundra+mumbai.

Laycan:18-28/april 2011.

Mv asb TBN (4).

L/port: tianjin+shanghai.

D/port: mumbai+karachi.

Laycan:20-30/april 2012.

Mv asbtbn (5).


D/port: chennai.

Laycan:20-30/april 2012.

Mv asb TBN (6).

2 holds / 2 hatches; grain/bale 16.230 cbm.

L/port: tianjin+ shanghai.

D/port: kolkata+haldia+chennai.

Laycanㄩ25/feb-5/may 2012.

Mv asb (7).

Gr/bl capa:15,820/11,1096cbm,twn deck,

drrk:2x50mt,2/2 ho/ha,aa WOG.

L/port: tianjin+qingdao+ shanghai.

D/port: yangon.

Laycan:20-30/april 2012.

Pol: shanghai+tianjin+qingdao.

Pod: kuwait+dammam +dubai+ bandar abbas +bik.

Lycn:20-30/april 2012.

Mv asb TBN(9).

L/port: shanghai+tianjin.

D/port :karachi +umm qasr.

Laycanㄩ20-30/april 2012.

Mv asb TBN(19).

Liberia flag, blt july 2007,52,457 sdwt on 12.022m ssw.

5ho/5ha,4 x 25mt crane,grain/bale capa: 67,756.3/65,600.5 cbm.

(Ada WOG).

L/port: qingdao+shanghai.

D/port :jeddah.

Laycanㄩ20-30/april 2012.

Mv asb TBN (20).

L/port: shanghai +tianjin.

D/port: guayaquil +rio de janeiro+victoria+itaqui.

Laycan:20-30/april 2012.

Mv asb TBN (13).

Grain/bale capa 48,852.9 cbm / 49,379.2 cbm, ada.

L/port: shanghai +qingdao+tianjin.

D/port: buenaventura+callao+maracaibo.

Laycan:20-30/april 2012.

Mv asb TBN(14).

1 cranes with 50 mts cr.

Loading port : shanghai.

Discharging port : altamira+houston+nola.

Laycan :20-30/april 2012.

Mv asb TBN(15).

1 cranes with 150 mts cr.

Loading port : shanghai.

Discharging port : santos.

Laycan:25/april-10/may 2012.

Mv asb TBN (16).

Pol: dalian+tianjin+shanghai.

Pod: lattakia+istanbul +poti+novossisyik.

Laycan:18-28/april 2012.

M/V.Asb TBN (17).

Ada WOG.

Pol: tianjin + shanghai.

Pod: alexander +lattakia + ravenna+sagunto.

Laycan:18-30/april 2012.

M/V.Asb TBN (18).

Ada WOG.

L/p: tianjin+tianjin.

D/p: ravenna+sagunto+djen-djen-antwerp+new port.

Laycan:25/feb-5/may ,2012.

M/V.Asb TBN (19).

Ada WOG.

L/p: shanghai+tianjin.

D/p: richards bay+ namibe+luanda.

Laycan:20-30/april 2012.

Mv asb TBN (20).

L/port: shanghai+tianjin.

D/port: malabo+lome+douala.

Laycan:20-30/april 2012.

Mv asb TBN (21).

Com 150mts,3holds/3hatches.

L/port: shanghai+tianjin.

D/port:durban+walvis bay+ pointe noire +lagos +tema+matadi.

Laycan:20-30/april 2012.

Mv asb TBN(22).

Drrk:4x30mt,3/3 ho/ha,aa WOG.

L/port: shanghai.

D/port: manila+hcm+leam chabang+bangkok+ jakata+singapore+port klang.

Laycan:18-28/april 2012.

Mv asb TBN (23).

L/port: zhangjiagang+shanghai+ningbo.

D/port: lae+suva+nuku alofa+noumea+auckland.

Laycan:20-30/april 2012.

M/V.Asb TBN (24).

Ada WOG.

L/port: dalian+shanghai.

D/port: brisbane+newcastle+melbourne+adelaide+fremantle+port hedland.

Laycan:20-30/april 2012.

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