buy floating crane GANZ type. 25 t. Direct Contact

we are looking to purchase a GANZ type or similar floating crane for clients of ours with following approximate specs:
- type: "ganz" type prefer - try similar.
- Age: the youger the better but max 20 years old.
- Swl: abt 25 t.
- Non-propelled.
- Pontoon/crane barge.
- Insp/dely europe-med prefer.
Additional desired specs:
non-propelled 360o slewing,
average output in grabbing operation: 420 t/H.
1. Pontoon part.
Main data:
length: 42,0 m.
Breadth: 19,0 m.
Depth: 4,2 m.
Draught: 2,3 m.
2. Crane part.
Full electrical driven single jib level luffing crane capable of hook and grabbing operation.
Main data:
grab capacity: 25 t.
Hoisting height: 24/20 m.
Jib radius: 9/34,5 m.
Hoisting speed: 0-80 m/min. Loaded.
0-130 m/min. Unloaded.
Grabbing output average: 420 t/H.
Slewing speed: 0-1,4 rpm.
One full turn: 43 sec.
Luffing speed: 0-50 m/min.
Time between end position: 31 sec.
Wind speed: max. 55 km/H.
Wind pressure: 250 n/m2.
Electric supply power: 3 x 400 v, 50 hz.
Control and lighting voltage: 230 v.
Nominal output of motors: total 620 kw.
All data about, but as close to the abv as possible.
Buyers have cash in place and can move fast for the right candidate.
Plsd to hear yr proposal, yr direct/suitable candidates along with full dets/specs and sellers price ideas.
Private units will be treated as such.

Please don't hesitate to contact us any time if any interest

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