I am in urgent need of the following class of LHT. Built in 2002-...

I am in urgent need of the following class of LHT.
LOA. = 80meter. Or. 70meter
Beam:= 18meter. 16meter
Molded Depth = 7.6meter. 6meter
Draft max = 6.3meter. 6meter
Deadweight = 4,800MT. 3,200MT
Dynamic Positioning: Class 2 with DP Certificate
Max speed. Knots. 15knots minimum
Cruise speed. 13knots minimum
Economical speed. 11knots minimum
FIFO Equipment
FiFi Classed. 2 but optional
Cargo carrying and Discharge Capacities.
Clear deck area = 900sqm. 600sqm
Deck load. = 3,500MT. 1,800MT
Fuel capacity. = 1,050cubic meter. 1,000cubic meter
Fuel discharge rate = 1x250 @ 9bar. 1x250 @ 9bar
Fuel discharge line 1 size and connection type = 2each, 4inch Port & Stbd side - TODO or Avery Hardol connection.
Fuel discharge hose 1 - size and connection type used to transfer fuel to charterers other vessels or modus or during bunkering. In good condition. = 2each 4inch x 50meter - TODO or Avery Hardol connections, 15 bar w.p. 42 bar burst pressure, w/flotation installed.

Calibrated Fuel loading/discharging meter = Desirable.

Drill water capacity = 650cubic meter.

Drill water discharge rate cubic meter per hour per pump = 1 x 250 at 9 bar.

Drill water discharge line - size and connection type = 2each 4inch Port and Stbd side - WECO Connections.

Please note these are two different Platform Support Vessels, urgently needed for purchase. Age from 2002.
Build year2002-...
Length overall (LOA), m65-...

Please don't hesitate to contact us any time if any interest

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