Buying expensive. Region: Black Sea

Buying expensive: SCRAP METAL. REMOVAL AND pickup. High prices for scrap metal!
Our experts will come to the customer on an object immersed and exported scrap without distracting the customer from its core business. We strive to ensure that, during the partnership you feel comfortable, and the dismantling of steel structures, loading scrap metals and their removal was carried out as soon as possible. Scrap iron - this is a valuable material for reuse and recycling. Scrap metals are extracted from municipal solid waste, industrial waste.

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January 28, 2013
Changing the principles of cooperation

At the moment you can sign to our subscription. Cost is $300 for annual subscription. You will receive the WHOLE database, plus new proposals throughout the term of the subscription. Contact Us

February 15, 2012
A new feature in Contacts page

From this moment you can send us any attachment directly from "Contact Us" page.